Content is the key ingredient to succeed in Digital Marketing, but there’s always a question what types of content to be used. There are variety of content to be used with right kind of strategy to make internet marketing effective.
With the power of quality content a marketer can be ranked in Google SERP, spread awareness about their business, drive organic traffic and most importantly you can leverage business.
Yes, you read it right. With the correct type of content, it is possible to maximize business by reaching your targeted audiences. But unfortunately, due to lack of focus approach many marketers thinks using content strategy is only fruitful for improving Google ranking. To bring out entrepreneurs from all these tall stories here I am going to write about what are the types of content to leverage your business.

1. Spread Awareness Content:
While running your business, you must try to educate targeted audiences about the service or product you are providing. This will not only help to spread awareness among audiences. Moreover with these kinds of content a marketer can create content with a set of keywords which makes easier to improve SEO.

● Articles & Blogs: Writing blogs or articles about your business will let know people how they can be benefited from your product or services. Blogs are not all about promoting business, some contents are meant for audience’s awareness or keeping interests of people.
Moreover, you can create multiple business opportunities by publishing blogs in high PR sites or even make your count in reputed site just with help of blogs.
If you want to improve SEO and SERP of your website, then a unique-fresh article is the best solution. One can earn money from blogging as well as generate quality leads for business.


● Guest Blogging: Submitting guest posts in high PR sites will help you make aware of your product.
In short span of time, guest-blogging will drive high organic traffic which will ultimately improve Google rank.
Once you start guest-blogging it will help to build online influence, create a portfolio and manage online reputation.

● Press Release: With the help of Press Release it becomes easier to distribute the content. Thus you can reach the maximum audience, improve SEO and play role in branding.
If you are planning to launch any new product or celebrate your success then Press Release on the way to do.

● Infographics: It is easiest and convenient way to convey your objective to audiences. If you want to utilize Social media platform in your online marketing strategy then, focus on Infographics. This will help to Reach, Retarget and get Revenue business.

● Rating & Review: If you own an E-Commerce website, then never forget to work on ratings and reviews. For ORM purpose, always update the reviews in Google, Quora, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms.

2. Value Added Content:

Before starting any promotion of your business, focus on educating customers. Try to figure out clear out queries and confusions of your audiences. So to educate and give value-added things about business include following contents.


• Newsletter: With Newsletter you can share your ideas, innovation, products or services in the mailbox, hence it is considered as a most professional way of marketing. You can send newsletter weekly or monthly once or twice, which helps marketers to remarket with offers and exclusive offers. Moreover, by sending some informative information in the newsletter you can build a healthy relationship with audiences and improve ORM.
Apart from all these marketing strategies, it helps in driving traffic to your website and keep updating about business.

• Q & A: When you work on Q & A content, you will able to know the FAQ of people about your services. Once you know the queries, you can answer them and it will ultimately help to raise your conversion ratio. This is the best way to interact with audiences.

• Presentations: When marketers go for online marketing they can go with multiple types of content. But only very few of them use Presentations in content marketing strategy. The reason is it requires much perfection and professional look. The presentation is combination visual and content having all facts and figures about your business. It is generally used in B2B marketing and helps to convert leads by showing how & what you can help them.

3. Buyers Content: The ultimate types of content which are required to convert quality leads to the customer is Buyers content. These type of content must be unique, precise and easy to understand. Buyers content emphasis on how to use your product or services.

• E-Books: Content of E-Books on your website will help a marketer enormously. It makes easier to build a personal brand’s credibility as well as reach interested audiences by collecting email ids as you can ask for email ids to sign-up. Moreover, you can share E-Books with expert’s advice for your audiences, which will attract a huge crowd.

• Audio-Visual Content: Promote services/products via video or images. Everyone is well aware that it becomes easier to promote videos on Youtube as more than 5 Billion videos are watched every day.
Nowadays, videos are not limited to Youtube, it’s doing much better on Facebook & Instagram. Therefore, going for video marketing with different strategies like sharing audience’s experiences, review and convey about the product.

• User Manuals: User Manual is very important to those marketers who are selling any product. Publishing this type of contents makes audiences understand how to use with step by step instruction. Hence, if you have E-Commerce website never forget to add user manual for specific products.

Let’s Conclude:
At present time there are a variety of content to be used by marketers, but as per my opinion if you are focusing on few types of content. It will amplify revenue as well as online strategies by saving time and effort.

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