Digital marketing for startup will surely help you to increase the ROI.

I am not going to start with the common phrase ‘traditional marketing is too expensive and digital marketing is the best way to get more benefit with low budget’.

Yes, the reason I am saying this is because I have seen a lot of digital marketers use this term just to show how big this digital marketing is and they try to sell their service. Point is when someone doesn’t know the path what will be the benefit of getting knowledge regarding the goal. Yes, that’s true, if you are suggesting someone a solution also teach them how to replicate the same in their business or help them in doing that by keeping a transparency about what you are doing.

So here I will try to answer some of the common questions or better say problem start-ups face and how those can be mitigated by using digital marketing.

In the current scenario, many start-ups are coming and they are very much aware about the power of the digital world, social media and google of course. But mere is not enough.  Let me explain you with a real case.

A few days back one start-up company contacted us they are in service industry and they have tried social media for their promotion because they have heard about it and they received some benefit also in the first run. But later on again when they tied the result was not that much good, and they had a consultation session with us and later we helped them with execution part as well.

Actually, this problem nowadays among companies and new ventures because the social media now become very simple and user-friendly and people try them on their own, this is true and a lot of people are getting good benefit out of it as well. But when it comes to taking the things to the larger scale a right strategy is required.

Well, today here we will be discussing some similar hacks which help you to get started with digital marketing.

  1. Understand your audience-

This is a very important field which every start up needed to consider. Based on your product line you have to distinguish that at which places your audience is hanging out. Based on the nature of the interest of them we need to decide how much effort has been given on which platform.

Suppose you are dealing in the B2B segment and your product/service lies in the medium zone, then might be your audience might hang out in Facebook, then you can think of lead generation campaign targeting the CEO and owners. Like this many, more detailing can be done.


  1. Social media is the only solution available?

The answer is no, based on the business model you can take advantage of different aspects of digital marketing- Social media marketing, content marketing, Search engine optimization etc. It is very much important to understand what will give you benefit and then you can make a customized plan for it.


  1. What if you have a very specific product

Well true in case of a very specific product or high costing product people usually don’t rely easily on the internet. Then how at that time you can use digital marketing. Well there also you can use digital marketing, big business is equal to a very busy owner, well this is not 100% true but up to some extent it is. Well in such condition you can reach to them using email marketing and create a sense of curiosity and interest in their mind which drive them to take action and contact you back.


So these are some of the hacks which help your start-up business to get some initial visibility on the internet and helps in the brand build-up. If you can able to crack these correctly who knows you might get some initial leads as well.

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