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Digital marketing is one of the fastest changing industries but at the same time, it is one of the best marketing and lead generation methods as well. This works for large-scale businesses as well as small-scale and startups.  The problems of leveraging the digital marketing strategies are for many small and new businesses is because of budget constraints.

Now the major problem comes in front of a startup/ small business is that how they can generate leads when there are already big and established names in the market? How you can show them that your product is different and better then what you are getting in the market.

I agree that raising the fund, creating brand awareness, generating leads and finally converting them into clients is not an easy task.

Trust me in the era of digital world when lots of information is already available and as the digital platforms are simplifying the things so that common people can also able to understand the methodology of branding and lead generation over the internet. I am not saying it is very simple, you still need to put your hard work and have to deal with lots of problems which every business face.

So to handle the situation business owners use their own proficiency or hire some digital marketing agency. But hiring an agency at an initial level of your business won’t be so easy for you. In that case, there are some ways through which you can generate leads without spending a huge amount.

lead generation process

Before going to any digital marketing agency, you can go for some consultation. The consultants are those who will actually draw the guideline for you and on which you can work. Obviously they charge less than an agency, so basically, it will help you to understand what and how many tasks you can able to handle on your own and based on that you can outsource the remaining work only.

This will cut down your cost. These consultants even guide you through your entire journey so whenever you need them you can hire their services.

One more way to get some initial business is through networking, but this is something which everyone says. So let’s change the mode of it a little bit you can take a co-working space for your startup. Here you can closely able to understand the other business model their problems and objectives and try to pitch them as well you can market your services or products to similar industries pinpointing the same triggers.

Amazon, flipkart, ebay seller, affiliate marketing

Another way through which you can get some clients is by registering yourself with digital business platforms like e-commerce sites if you are dealing with products ( Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc.). Suppose you are in the service industry or some other kind of products which cannot be promoted through e-commerce sites then you can register your services in business listing sites or local classified sites.

An expert will help you to understand your business and help you in finding the right platform and digital mode from where you will get the initial clients to kick start your business.

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