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Does regular SEO work sometimes makes you feel monotonous and boring?
2017 will be the year of digital marketing, everyone want to see their website’s ranking high on google. This is the reason many digital marketers, bloggers, AdSense approved bloggers are inclined towards SEO and generating high quality content. But while doing this they have to check and analyse a lot of things from SEO point of view. So today I am going to tell you some really handy chrome extensions which actually help you to perform your task without going to different websites and switching your browser’s tabs again and again.
1. MozBar- Moz is one of the most known websites which is helpful in finding many SEO related details related to any particular website or Domain. But when you are digital marketer and have to jump from one website to another again and again then simple copy paste task of the URL also seems very irritating. I felt it, if you also done that then you might be getting what I am saying.

I always wanted to have some shortcut which simplifies my task, with the Mozbar my work becomes really simple.

Mozbar is a simple bar which will be installed as an extension to your browser, better if you use Chrome, I always prefer using chrome. After installing that, you can access both the free as well as paid version of the service direct from your desktop just with few clicks. Mozbar is also available for other browsers like Mozbar Firefox and Mozbar safari.

mozbar plugin

You can able to check the DA (Domain authority) and PA (Page authority) of the website or page which you are browsing that time. Along with that you can also check other elements of the website including on-page elements and metrics.

2. Grammarly- Grammarly is a very known and famous tool among the content writers. This tool helps you to check the grammar error of your content and very easily you can rectify your content. This tool is paid tool but there is a free version of it which also gives you a good amount of features.
With the help of its extension, you can directly go to the website and check your content by clicking it. It also keeps checking your content in real time while you are writing your content on the web.

3. Open SEO stats- This is one of my personal favorite tools. A light and very handy extension which tells you a lot of details regarding the website or webpage you are browsing. All you need to click this and it will give you all the details like-
• SEO stats
• Traffic Stats
• Site information
• Page information
• Backlinks stats
• Loading speed

Open SEO stats
And many other features with just a click. So my personal suggestion to all the digital marketers to install it.

4. Alexa traffic rank- Alexa is one of the most trusted names used for checking the ranking of the website. With the help of this extension you simply can able to check the traffic stats of the website you are browsing both globally and as per region, you are browsing into.

alexa traffic

5. Similar webs- this tool is also my personal favourite. The reason of liking this tool is because with just a single click it tells me a lot of info related to any website. Being a digital marketer or content writer, blogger and SEO expert we have to search a lot of websites. This tool helps you find websites which fall under similar niche.

similar webs

So you can also take benefit of it for competition tracking, through which you can check the backlinks of those sites and generate good links for your websites. Similarly, if you are looking and doing some research for your blog then with this tool you can able to see the similar niche oriented content blogs.

This few Google chrome extensions will simplify your tasks to a greater extent as well as speed up your work.

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